Twyford Heritage Charity


In early June 2021 Eastleigh Borough Council granted formal planning permission for a 164m extension to the runway at Southampton Airport. If the extension goes ahead it will handle larger and noisier aircraft. A local group, GOESA, has commenced legal proceedings against the Council to quash this permission. On 8 December 2021 Mrs Justice Lang granted permission for this matter to proceed to a full judicial review which will take place in late April 2022. GOESA is seeking to raise funds to pursue this action.

The expansion of the runway will have a profound effect on the noise experienced by local residents. The airport’s own figures acknowledge that after expansion 46,000 residents will experience noise levels above that which the Government define as having an adverse effect on health and quality of life.

An excellent legal team led by solicitors Leigh Day and David Wolfe QC have been engaged, and have been granted leave to bring a Judicial Review of this decision, which is likely to be heard in April 2022. We hope you will support our campaign and make a contribution towards the £100k legal costs of this review.