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Percy's Pals

Richard Percival ‘Percy’ was a GP doctor from Hedge End, Hampshire who died from a stroke in 2013, aged 47. His final days were spent in the fantastic care from the Wessex Neurological Intensive Treatment Unit at Southampton General Hospital. Percy cared deeply about the welfare of others and dedicated his professional life to helping the sick. He lived in Twyford, Hampshire with his wife and two daughters, and was a significant influence on his friends and the village. He would have wanted his name and death to be a catalyst for good in the community.

Percy’s Pals is a fundraising group set up by Percy’s friends to do important charity work and raise money in his name.

Scanner appeal

Percy's Pals initial project was to raise funds for the purchase of a specialist portable CT brain scanner, fundraising under the umbrella of Southampton Hospital Charity. The Wessex Neurological ITU is a wing of Southampton General Hospital, specialising in treating victims of stroke and brain injury from all over the south of England, including The Channel Islands. Anyone suffering brain injury or stroke in this large area (three million people) is very likely to be treated there. The Percy's Pals Dr Richard Percival Scanner Appeal raised £130,000 towards the purchase of the scanner for the Wessex Neurological ITU. The scanner was under test from September 2015 and officially handed over to Southampton General Hospital in February 2016. Minimising the time needed for diagnosis and treatment of strokes and neurological conditions is crucial to survival and a successful recovery, and the portable CT scanner has slashed this time.

Community care for stroke victims

Percy's pals then began working with Twyford Heritage Charity on fundrasing projects to support the care of stroke victims within the community. In October 2020 £48,000 was donated to the Different Strokes charity.

Further information on Percy's Pals can be found here